Do You Know How Your Company Compares to Your Peers?

Industry benchmarks are a direct and objective standard to measure if you are ahead of your peers or if they have found a way to operate at a lower marginal cost or risk level.

Take a look at the sample report available below.  Or, Download this Sample report Sample_Software_Development_Firm and you can review it offline.  (That way, you can review it when you have quiet time, when you’re alone, and when you don’t have the phone, staff, or the banker calling to interrupt your train of thought.)

As you look through this report, ask yourself three questions:


  1. How are you getting this information each month for your company?  If not, then why not?  (At a price of $200 for this report of your peers, cost is not a barrier.)
  2. How much more effective will your decisions be with this information?  (Bottom line:  Can you afford to let your competition move ahead of you once they build this analysis into their company?)
  3. How much is this information worth to you in growing your company?  (Building sales won’t increase profit if your process can’t support the additional sales.)

As a CPA, I believe this is the missing link that connects data from your monthly financial statements to the information that should be in your management reports.

Information, Analysis, Assessment, and Summary Conclusions

All Focused on Your Company

Built Using Your Achievements

You can have this custom report – For Your Company and Peer Group – for $200.  The fee includes a 30 minute impact discussion to identify your strengths and your challenges as identified by your recent results.  We will discuss how you can make immediate improvements to your bottom line.

Call us at (504) 780-9091 and let’s have a conversation about your vision and your company’s future.  No risk; no commitment; no hassle.

Access Sample Report Here Sample_Software_Development_Firm