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When to Hire a Consultant (PDF)

Many of us face the same dilemma: We want to grow profit, but we’re not sure where to start.

¤ Do we increase the marketing budget ¤ Can we decrease the training budget ¤ Should we cut back on travel, ¤ Is it time to raise prices?

Any of these can be the “right” choice. But, which one do we pick? Download When to Hire a Consultant  to find out.  Or, access the audio version here:  When to Hire a Consultant  (Right click to download the file and listen offline)

Business Growth Plan (PDF)

Ready to grow your business?

 We all know that growing your business is essential.  At the very least, you have to bring in new customers to replace the ones that disappear from your roster.  Consider some of the reasons for customer turnover:

¤ Ever fire a customer? ¤ How about customers who always demand special treatment and then complain about your high price? ¤ Did you have any customers close their shop last year?

 So, if you already have a plan to bring in replacement customers, then you can expand that plan to bring in additional customers.  While that takes care of incremental sales increases, what are you doing about significant growth?  Download our Business Growth Plan (PDF) to learn more.

 Or, access the audio version here: Business Growth Plan (Right click to download the file and listen offline)