Ever wanted to find out how your company really stacks up?

Let us show you our Financial Integrity Toolkit
to keep you financially FIT!  

(Even the web designer winced at that one.)

Every company is unique (size, location, pricing, delivery services, etc.), but all companies have areas in common (Debt, Owner’s Investment, Cash Flow, and Gross Profit Margin, etc.). These figures are readily available in your accounting reports, but without the ability to grade your success against industry benchmarks, this data is not very valuable.

We offer the missing link
that compares YOU to your industry.

  • How many days does it take customers to pay you?
    How much cash can you save by reducing this by one day?
  • Have too much debt, or are you missing leverage opportunities?
    Business grows to the next level through external financing.  Are you ready to grow?
  • Inventory getting stale before it’s sold?
    Walmart has a complete turnover of inventory every month.

Call today to obtain YOUR Industry Benchmarks. 

Call us at (504) 780-9091 to get your benchmark report that shows your peers’ performance – in Your Specific Industry.  We can tell you about other industries, as well.  (But, are you really thinking about those other companies?)

If you like the report, we can compare your company to your competitor’s performance. Yes, we know that you are better than your peers, but wouldn’t it be great to prove it?  We can enter Your Actual Financial Results into a comparison page and rate your company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against your industry standards.

Based on these results, you’ll know immediately where to focus your time, energy and efforts to boost profits in the next year.  Let us perform a sensitivity analysis and we can project results for each specific improvement you are ready to implement.

Is it Free?

(C’mon, now)  When was the last time you got any significant value from a Free Offer?  Just like you, we’re in business to make a profit.  Just like you, we know that we must give value in order to get value.  Just like you, we know that you won’t give up much time, money or effort until we convince you of our value.

Here’s our offer…

Call us at (504) 780-9091 and tell us about your company and your industry.  We charge $200 for the industry report, with your option to include your financial comparison and assessment in the package. If you agree, we’ll then call you with the results (no e-mails, no irregular cut envelopes that are hard to file, and no contests for the best vacation picture).  We’ll spend no more than 30 minutes of your time to discuss the assessment results and which areas you can adjust immediately to make more money.  (The 30 minute time limit keeps us focused on you and eliminates our rambling about us.)

Once you see the assessment and know your options for the next step, we’ll ask if you would like our assistance to move forward.

If you say YES, we’ll be delighted to stay on the phone for as long as you want to talk about how we can help you take the next step.  We’ll discuss your strategy, your options, and your timeframe.  If you’re ready for our assistance, we’ll send you an engagement letter that outlines our discussion, your responsibilities, our work plan project deliverables, and the engagement fee

Once you sign the engagement letter, we’ll begin the project so you can

 Build the Company of Your Dreams.

In closing, we offer:

  • Valuable services to willing buyers
  • No hard close
  • No pressure to buy what you don’t want or need
  • No fear of asking the wrong question
  • No project and no fees until you are clear about the outcomes

Call us at (504) 780-9091.  We’re convinced that we can help you.  Let’s talk and you can come to your own conclusion.  Find out for yourself if a company can truly live its mission.