Are You Efficient?

If you ask a business owner whether a business would benefit by becoming more efficient, most entrepreneurs will respond with “YES” without hesitation.  From this enthusiastic response, you may conclude that a business should work to become the most efficient business in the market.

Keep in mind, however, that efficient business operations will always be an elusive, often unattainable goal.  You company changes, matures, improves, and rebuilds in response to market forces.  So, any efficiency gained today could be eliminated by adding a new product tomorrow.  Therefore, your level of success will depend on your continuous attempt to achieve targeted goals for your company not ultimate efficiency.

This is not a good condition or a bad result – it’s business.  Change is not an option, but your response to change is.

What has been your experience in trying to bring efficiency to your company?  Did you establish a measureable target?  Did you achieve the target?  Did you modify your approach or abandon the project?  Feel free to leave some questions here for others to respond with their insight.

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