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Are You Efficient?

If you ask a business owner whether a business would benefit by becoming more efficient, most entrepreneurs will respond with “YES” without hesitation.  From this enthusiastic response, you may conclude that a business should work to become the most efficient business in the market. Keep in mind, however, that efficient business operations will always be […]

Having trouble Creating a “Unique Value” For You Commodity Product or Service?

Ever wonder why Florida-brand Oranges are better than oranges from California or Louisiana? The commercial indicate that there is a difference, so what do you believe?  The sun is the same; the mild southern climate is the same; the water is the same; the fertilizer and soil conditioners are the same.  So, the next time […]

Profitability Equals Sustainability (Part 2)

Last time, we presented the concept of profitability as a measure of sustainability.  So, how do you calculate the amount of profit needed to achieve sustainability?  Keep in mind that in order for a company to be sustainable, annual profit must be enough to cover the three measuring points:  Owner’s Compensation, Return on Investment, and […]


If you want your business to improve, you have to change the way you operate your business. You can’t do today what you did yesterday and expect tomorrow to improve. Call us today, increase profits tomorrow (504) 780-9091. Your call is confidential and there is no fee for this introductory conversation.

Ready for the Next Level?

Do you manage your business because only you can make the hard daily decisions? Do you spend time “In the Trenches” because only you can stop problems before they start? Do you believe a Manager is a Leader? Once you’re able to see a different path, then you’re ready to take your company to the […]

Maximize the Success of your Business

Integrity-based Leadership is a framework that we developed to maximize the success of your business.  Here is the communication component of the framework: Tell everyone what you expect, how you expect it to occur, why it’s important, and how it improves everyone connected.  Build Integrity-based Leadership into your company and you’ll know almost immediately who […]