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  • HOW: Bring clarity to your challenges and simplicity to your opportunities so that you’re ready to tackle your issues without hesitation.  Many consultants try to fit their solution to your challenges.  Wouldn’t you prefer to define your needs then use the solution that fits your challenge?
  • WHAT: Build confidence in your plans and your actions so that others will follow your lead.  We know that you want to share your success, so don’t carry the burden of responsibility in isolation.  Create a Road Map to Success and everyone knows where you want to be.
  • WHY: Regain control of your destiny and build the right strategy for your company.  If you are not honest with your goals and transparent in your actions, then you can’t maintain Integrity throughout your organization.

If we sound different from other accountants and consultants..

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You already have the ability to work hard, burn the midnight oil, and improve by 5 – 10% over last year.

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Reduce inefficiencies by fixing the process that’s not working and pace the improvements over time.  Let each department incorporate changes into their operating procedures without major turmoil.  If you see any negative impact, correct that obstacle before it becomes a permanent part of the process.

-Richard Melancon, CPA